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Egmont Key Excursion

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Welcome to the Funboat!  We offer exclusive trips for those that don't want to hit the same old beaten path.  Our "choose your cruise" tours are tailored to suit your taste.   It's your vacation, you don't have to share it with everyone else.
Even if you don't see it here,  just call and tell us what you want to do.
  1. Dolphin Sunset Cruises
    Dolphin/Sunset Cruises
    Guaranteed dolphin sightings on every trip! Watch the local dolphins without being trampled by 45 other people on the same boat. We'll take as much or as little time as you want observing these beautiful animals and then catch a Florida sunset.
  2. Parasailing Speed Boat Cruises
    Parasailing Cruises
    Gulf Coast views from 400 feet up! Enjoy 8-10 minute parasail rides complete with free fall, dip and optional picture package. Reservations Required.
  3. Dinner & Bar Hopping Cruises
    Dinner/Bar Hopping Cruises
    From 5 Starts to Beach Bars! Florida offers the best restaurants and many of them are fully accessible from the water. Available for lunch and dinner cruises. Live like a local and experience a cruise you won't find anywhere else.
  4. Egmont Key cruise
    Egmont Key Excursion
    Take a private cruise for 6 to Egmont Key which is only accessible by boat. Snorkel the sunken ruins, explore the island, even see the light house.
  5. Gasparilla & Event Cruises
    Gasparilla/Event Excursions
    If you happen to be lucky enough to visit during one of the area's festivals or parades, give us a call. From Gasparilla to Christmas boat parades, if there is an occasion you want to see by boat we'll take you there!
  6. 8
    Locals Only Sandbar Excursion
    Spend some time with the locals at Bunces Pass. This beautiful sandbar is known for crystal clear water, bikinis, booze, million dollar boats and more seashells than you can carry home.
  7. Bird Watching Florida FunBoat
    Bird Watching Cruise
    We will get as close as possible to local bird sanctuaries. Popular birds you might get to photograph are The Great Blue Heron, White Egret, Snowy Egret, Pelicans, Osprey, Black Skimmer, & American White Pelicans if you're lucky.
  8. Shell Island Cruise FunBoat
    Shell Island Cruise
    Shell Island is known for... well, Shells! Let's anchor up for this one because you will be able to disembark and explore the island. Bring back your favorite finds and do a little snorkeling while you there!
  9. Speed Boat Cruise FunBoat
    Speed Boat Cruise
    One of the reason's we use the boat we use is for speed. You don't always need it but it sure is nice to have. We're not talking 30mph, oh no, on this ride we're looking to break 50!

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Gasparilla Cruise